Monday, 5 September 2011

Cookie's Bike Has Been Stolen.

Cookie's bike is missing. Photo used without the kind permission of HMAN @ 
Cookie's bike was at the most dialled it has ever been, it had new Primo wheels and new Make bars on it. All the other parts are only about 4 months old. Cookie is gutted, his bike was finally running perfectly and as luck would have it and after a series of blunders it got stolen out of the The Tanners on Saturday night. Keep your eyes open for it, it's bound to turn up at the skatepark or on Shields road.
Here's what to do if you see it:

1. Make a visual identification of the bike.
2. Check that Cookie is not riding it.
3. Act nonchalant and make no eye contact with the perpetrator.
4. Clothes line that motherfucker as he passes.
5. Stick the boot in.
6. Ride away triumphantly.
7. Call Cookie and give him the good news.

Keep your finger on the pulse and your eye on the street.

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