Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fixed Vs Geared Hill Race Victory.

The dude in this vid with the all black focale 44 fixed gear and the bull horns, tried to blaze me off up the hill from the central bar to the top of gateshead tonight on my way home from work. He barged past me real aggressively from way behind when I'd been stopped at the lights. Has he never heard that it's easier to climb a hill with gears. By the time I reached the top of the hill he was so far behind me he may as well have been a where's wally character. Better luck next time bro.

Speaking of single speed, the clocks are about to change, the roads are greasy and it's wet 75% of the time. It might be the month to fire up my winter bike up and see about a single speed rematch. I'm gonna rock free wheel, guards and 2 brakes on my Bareknuckle this year, add in a helmet and I'll be the height of uncool for the all the flatcapped and bespectacled fixed dudes to laugh at. Practicality does come at a cost in street cred.


  1. I really don't get fixy's. Why would you want to be limited to one gear and not be able to freewheel? I ride a 20 speed rode bike and I'm sometimes left wishing i had a couple more at times.
    It'd be fun to learn to kick the back end out but I'm sure that novelty would wear off when I had to shell out for a new set of road tires after a month.
    The simpicity of the bikes makes them look pretty cool but struggling to get up hills and not being able to gun it down the other the other side really doesn't appeal.
    Anyone that wears lenseless glasses clearly doesn't have practicallity as their main agenda though.
    Enjoy blasting past the flat caps mate

  2. Olly you are turning into sheldon brown!

  3. Aside from the fact that he's dead, is that a bad thing?

  4. fuckin hell. any excuse to get EVEN MORE photographs/footage of my bike online. oh yeh, and skidding on flat ground for no reason, its like a prehistoric man coming across a video camera.

  5. it must be really hard to get decent footage when your whole sports best trick is a skid?
    The only possible ender would be a masked up tyne tunnel rush hour blitz with polis on your tail and them closing the barriers and trying to catch you at the other end.

  6. skidding through dirt, gravel, water, sand, oil. skid through some marbles then i'll be impressed