Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Erratic police driving.

On my way home from work tonight I saw a police man driving up shields road. He was using his mobile phone and looking across to the other side of the street. As he drove towards me on the other side of the road he decided to do a 30 mile an hour U turn and missed my front wheel by a matter of inches. The U turn wasn't at a junction or anything and was conducted completely out of the blue. If I hadn't been so quick on the brakes I would have been under his stupid bizzie car wheels. He scared the shit out of me and also nearly killed me. I know I'm a bit crusty and look like a protester or something but I'm also completely innocent in the eyes of the law, maybe pepper spray isn't enough these days and police forces have decided to mow down the innocent to cut crime figures on the streets.

It wasn't like the bizzie had the blue lights or sirens on or anything, more likely he was rushing to catch last orders at Greggs just another block down the hill on Shields Road. I was pretty shaken up by this erratic driving. The only flip side to this was that I got to shout 'YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER" right in his face and that's not something you can usually do to a bizzie without some sort of reprisal. The police man lifted both eyebrows and raised all four fingers of one hand from the steering wheel as some sort of half hearted apology.

Thanks for nearly killing me Cifford Street.


  1. "I know I'm a bit crusty and look like a protester" haha! FTP