Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bike Jumble

Alan's wares were immediately popular

Carmine's display of mostly aged bicycle components.

C4's BMX bar collection was pretty sweet

Hman's table was a little too boutique for what was basically a bicycle related scrap yard.

Whats the crack?

Trying to flog DH shocks to Hman is a tough sell Pete.

Carmine managed to talk this guy into buying parts of a brat's bike.

The proud organiser

"are you seriously trying to sell a pie plate?"

"seriously though it's not like a joke or meant to be ironic or something?"

Fully laden with the brats bike with a possible future as a cruiser.

After what was a great Bike Jumble, a fun event which might become monthly if Carmine makes it happen with the bike hub schedule, the weather turned for the worst and we got stuck under the law courts for an hour and a half

There was some really big hailstones and the quayside turned into a fast flowing river.

Hman was not amused.

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