Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hair of the Dog

After waiting for what seems like an absolute ice age, the Chris The Count Lee signature frames from The Make arrived today.

This must be the first Newcastle themed bike that doesn't have disky wheels with the Toon shield on, 10 speed gears and is available exclusively from Motorworld.

My Kink has been looking extremely tired for the last year or so, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the bone themed gnarbastard handbash, especially since I've known The Count was getting a signature frame for well over a year.

The hair of the dog comes in one top tube length of 20.65, it comes in two colours gloss black and a sparkly blue which is apparently the most expensive colour the frame vendors do over in Taiwan. I went for black because my last two bikes have been blue.

Alan was also building his blue Hair of the dog in the other stand because the excitement of a new bike  still grips and rips through us, the girly playground excitement was turned up to freakish and previously thought impossibly high limits, much shrieking and fist pumping went on, and to be honest from an onlookers perspective the scene probably looked quite stupid.

Both bikes in various stages of construction. My bike didn't need as much work as I thought, a new bottom bracket, chain and front tyre, coupled with a rear wheel truing and some cleaning left it looking fairly awesome.

Alans build process is way messier than mine, I can excuse him because I know its hard to quell that exploding excitement within.

After spraying all the white bits of my front wheel black the bike was done. I took it out back and rode around for five minutes doing 180s and manuals, trying to feel at home on a new set up is never easy. This frame felt a bit more poppier than my old set up but it had a slightly different manual balance point. It did feel super solid and rugged though, this thing was designed to ride off of high stuff and blaze gaps and as such the robustness of the frame is instantly apparent. Buzzing. Now all I need is a day that creeps a few degrees over zero when it isn't raining to go and ride this thing.

Ego stroking parts list;

Frame: The Make, Hair of the dog, 20.65
Fork: Macniel, Black
Bars: Federal Dan Lacey in Chrome
Grips: Fiend 
Bar ends: The Make
Stem: Subrosa Toploader
Seat: Fiend
Seat Post: Primo Pivitol
Cranks: Macniel conjoined, with Profile Ti spindle, Kink BB.
Sprocket: Eclat 25t
Pedals: Eclat
Chain: KMC 510HX
Rear Wheel: Primo VS laced to Federal freecoaster with Primo spokes 
Front Wheel: Gsport Rib Cage laced to Shadow hub with Primo spokes
Rear Tyre: Federal Traction 2.1
Front Tyre: Shadow 2.25 whitewall

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