Thursday, 19 May 2016

Terraform basics for the space born set.

at the gates
in the shed
where my hand once bled

The neighbours have gone
there goes the neighbourhood
terraform, terraform.

sandal shoed activist of a thousand block party throw downs
a sadistic magician
monica ice cream

change the garden into a pool into a skate spot into a run down duplex apartment for goats
goats see good in the dark no phone torch
terraform terraform

has any one seen my candelabra
I left it behind some with indelible ink on an album sleeve
Taylor Swift will never find it

or maybe she will, people are constantly surprising me
where once I saw stupidity I now see complication and mystery
blood, sinew, bone, Fred flint Stone.

trouble at the mill
slaughter pig stab stab, bolt gun, kill.
43 percent of this pork contains 83 percent non pork ingredients, soya, duck, slazenger fur, paperclips, monkey wrench

Municipal waste is gonna fuck you up woaaaaaaahhhh
table tops at dawn, walk out for at least 30 paces, turn, twist the hips, pull on bars, rad stance, hold it, then relinquish the altitude.
for tips on form see Vic Murphy.

This is where the bee lives
I saw the bee the other day
no, this is where the bee lives

He bit me.

Medicated walrus man, in an Ellesse sweat top and bottom and middle.
have you any snout to offer me fine sir, any snout would do, any, honestly any, bensons, woodbines, it's all the same to me.
tiddle sticks, tiddle sticks we all have tiddly sticks.

tiddle sticks, terraform
swizzle sticks terraform
power percusion, terraform

Nezza's movie on loop
motorised stick, trench coat flowing, steam punk goggles, ham sandwich club

stay warm stay warm
killer bees on a swarm

did my candelabra show up yet or has Fenriz still got it.
battle jacket covered in needle point options from the tea pad
Not the the tea pad, that guys a jerk, needle point, ned the head needle nose ned


bigger is better and muddier and smells a bit like shields road turds
watch you don't slip in those new balance mate, that would be tragic
brown shoe brown shoe change your pavement please.

more ice cream, like in 08 when you ate two a day for 3 months and never drank less than 10 beers
I'm all for differing body shapes
who's' to say what is beautiful

Bukowski, Kowalski, Kachinski
writer, butcher, ice hockeyist
philip knew the score, run to hills before its too late.

typewriter used to sound like a severe form of sexual intercourse when heard from the floor below
Ratty, how hard can the sex get?
never fucking stop.

don't give up don't give up don't give up
floor one is where the bread is kept
terraform the basement, squelchy underfoot, cleanest neighbours I ever had.

wool can be used as a warming garment, I'm in the shed, who's with me?
I want to drink a beer but I don't like drinking in the house
Maybe I should ride out into the wilds and drink it

what would Xavier do?
freaking read somebodies mind no doubt.
why are her arms so pulpy and delicious?

twist into the neck, 1960s BBC special effect.
shrinking parma violets and a wall mounted wood saw
bone drill bone drill bone drill

bone drill
power saw
text message terraform

It always seems to end this way
battle jacket potato
fucking hate potato

return of the night of the fucking hate potatoes
fear for you life, fear for you wife, those earth bound starchy bastards are out there
many a Bothan died fighting the fucking hate potatoes

seriously though a deadly potato?
like a potato that can hurt a man?
How the fuck would that work?

Fucking Hate potatoes.

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  1. I wasn't born in space. I used to fly on the ground.

    Potatoes fear the mobile.