Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Count in feeble to 180 PLASTC PEG shocker.

Dude you look kinda ill, are you feeling alright?

Seriously dude, you look sort of weak and pasty and possibly a bit fruity.
Did you eat some bad seafood or something!

What! Plastic, I knew there was something up with you.
I used to think you were kinda cool.
That time has now well and truly passed.
Seriously kids, don't do it.


  1. Is the count rding plastic pegs now ?

  2. Human pile of rotten Waste, The Count is a plastic cyborg who left to his own accord will be investing in greased gyro & coloured headset spacers and another dirty bmx product PLASTIC PEDALS!

    this dirty ghost needs bowl of own brand soup, a straw and a double drop of neighborhood superheroes on vhs with the volume turned up to 22.......

    Mr s.henry