Friday 25 May 2012

Extreme fixed gear action in Jesmond Dene.

I'm truly trying very hard to usher in a new era of tolerance for all bike riding and 'extreme' pursuits in the street. Truly I am, I want to be accepting and loving towards all those who are slightly different from myself, as I said earlier in regards to the rollerbladers we all chase the same goal, it shouldn't matter what size our wheels are, whether we have gears or we dont, whether our wheels are strapped to our feet, or even if we get sick with a bigwheel trike or soap shoes, its all rad. Even if you have a pogo stick or freestyle unicycle, those kids do rails and double backflips now. Shit even dudes in wheelchairs are donning the full face and throwing bowl carves and flat rails in the skatepark.

I'm struggling to comprehend whether the above video can be serious. I'm battling to come to terms with current media and I'm lost as to what is viable and what is not. I know that back in the day trying hard was in (Mad Mat), and that not trying hard took over (don't quit your day job 2), but now we're in a bifurcated state where some try hard (the simple session) and some don't try hard (Scapegoat/ampm) but both are cool, apart from those who try too hard (mega ramp jocks) and just aren't cool at all.

Can this Newcastle fixed gear video be serious? It has to be ironic, it just has to be. Am I just that dude at the party who doesn't get the joke, tell me if I'm him, I'd hate to be him and not get the joke and no one told me, I'd hate to be that guy.

In this vid the guy on a fixed gear bike rides to pets corner at a slow to medium speed through Armstrong park. This is something my 7 year old son does regularily and slightly faster on his 18" wheel Falcon Zombie. Daniel Fee does a fakie on a non spot too (not exactly a New Jersey non spot either, this spot is actually nothing), I guess. Was this epic session really worth filming? Having gathered this footage and then editing it to an almost monolithic stoner rock tune just seems to be hyping nothing.

'Here's my commute, I listen to stoner rock, whatever, I'm trying so hard to look like I'm not trying that I think I've turned my brain inside out. Plus I did a non trick on a non spot is that paradoxical, or radical, two rights can make a wrong so do two nons make a clip? Remind me again is it trying hard or not trying hard that is cool this week. I'll throw the non trick fakie in on a non spot just to cover all my bases.'

By all means go fast, have fun, and do really easy skid stops on loose and dry dirt at 10 to 15 miles an hour that shit is awesome and fun to do, but if your going to go to the effort to make an edit you could at least do something slightly more taxing than a ride done daily by comuters as young as 3 and as old as 80 and basically anyone who has ever owned a bicycle in Newcastle.

Why would you film this. It's not even helmet cam 'this is my commute' footage, it's edited like a Heroin skate vid or something with the water going backwards at the start, trying to suggest what? That Satan fixed gears slowly around Pets Cormer, pets the goats, feeds the chickens and maybe grabs a Mr Whippy from the icy man!!

F-minus, the fixed gear scene in Newcastle must try harder.

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