Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"There are tubeless tyres which I find ideal for stunt work" - Melvyn Bragg

I saw Vic Reeves in a gallery in London once, I forget which one. He was with a gallery assistant who was helping him to buy some paintings. I badly wanted to speak to Vic but dreaded throwing some catch phrase at him and making myself look like a dick while simultaneously embarrassing and inconveniencing him. I got quite close to Vic and listened in on his conversation, disappointingly it was quite normal and reserved. I then slunk away quietly having totally bottled a conversation with him. At the door I turned back to face Vic, I smiled and went to shout something out but nothing came out of me, not a sound. The pressures of meeting a comedy legend rendered me powerless. Looking back I'm glad I said nothing it would have undoubtedly made me look even more retarded.

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