Friday, 8 June 2012


The bike hub is open, the bike hire and workshop is operational, the cafe is fine meals, cakes and coffees and the website is finally up

The Count serving Fordy some cake, pure cheese (not the cake, the stances)

Overview of the seating and Bike hire fleet

Well stocked fridge on opening day

Daz E handles the unicycle like a pro
He can't do handrails or backflips like
The Count sups as Josh hides behind a pink Brompton
The Count, Greavsy and I had to ride the triple threat from the cycle centre to the hub so it could be  displayed there. A mile of complete out of control downhill is enough to put me off this thing for life.
This was the best onboard shot I could get, notice my brake cable isn't connected, non of the brakes work well enough to stop a single rider never mind 3 skinny lads, my bars and the leading bars which The Count had were also loose.
Somehow we made it to the Hub, one of the most difficult 1 mile rides on a bicycle i've done yet. Check the wheel base.

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