Friday, 21 September 2012

NSFYC the edit

Man this is so dope, maddest street action from the rawest youngest crew in Newcastle. Highlights for me included harry cooper's half cab b lines, jordan's rail on the coast road, brandon's bench to peg in byker, Ell's coaster lines, Matty's dirty flow and dope b's, Harry Dyson's style is so clean now and he has the english B, oh yeah and when someone off camera says 'that's my lifestyle' to the guy with the respirator. All good.
I'm amazed how much footage these dudes have got, plus the quality is so raw it's like watching a 90s vhs. Good tunes too, you lot been hanging out in cycle centre too much the Hip hop is rubbing off on you.
I'm so stoked on this, if NSF and T2S didn't exist, NSFYC would be the sickest crew ever to come out of Newcastle. Too bad you're 15 years too late boys.
A-plus for effort.
I love these guys.
Watch and die.
Get shinners and cry.
Throw the Bs and eat pie.

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