Saturday, 22 September 2012


Street scarecrows run the alleyways and playgrounds

Cyberdyne styles from Darren E, quayside fashion is a must

NSFYC fishing trip, the streetest motherfuckers of the hour.

Doubles in concrete hard to hit, easy to slam.

The only kind of quarter pipe I enjoy, that's a lie, 33 and counting, when will I learn to roast?

Non legit hub guard style for the recently initiated 16 stair ride on Harsh-brick-ledge feeble specialist.

A wasted mission to Leeds, fakie wallrides by italians, round the world junkers by a croation, long lost brothers marrying russians. All world.

Was this you meccy john? team valley evidence of streetism.

Bensham, empty houses, ghost town avenue, resident free for blocks and blocks, break in and make a community.

PLC? What happens when a member of your crew moves away. You hardly ever see them, you miss them, you make the most of them when you do.


The rocket looks like it crash landed.

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  1. ha no it wasn't me on the green box up team valley, not had my bike up there but i want to.. has anyone cleared the shark fin double in the garage? I look at it when I'm waiting for the bus and wonder if its possible