Sunday, 14 October 2012

Prometheus again.

Ridley Scott ruined my childhood this year by releasing one of the worst sci fi movies ever. Prometheus  jackhammered its way in with terrible writing and somehow forced its way to tie in to the Alien story, a near perfect story that didn't need expanding on, Prometheus managed to completely ruin Alien forever. I came out of the cinema after viewing Prometheus with a million plot holes, discrepancies, disappointments, impossible scientific anomalies, and bad film making tips all floating around in my head. Was it me, had Ridley been extra clever and I had been left behind this time, probably not, what is much more likely is that Ridley is skint and now and only makes bad movies for money (Robin Hood) and he has sold out and desecrated the holiest of holys and tried to expand on Alien a beautiful piece of film making. What is even more worrying is that there are plans to revisit the blade Runner film with other such bullshit remakes and prequels in this disgustingly vapid and reliant on CGI shitstorm era of lookalike science fiction. Not Blade Runner, please, leave it as it is, one of the most beautiful and thought provoking pieces of science fiction ever. Please leave it alone.

When I left the cinema both me and the missus threw bits of the film at each other that hadn't made sense for about three hours, baffled, dejected and disappointed. Much like this guy does in this video.

If you want wash the shitty after taste out of your mouth that Prometheus has left behind with a half decent science fiction film this year which doesn't solely rely on crappy disney style computer effects to tell a story, I highly recommend Looper, an honest and interesting tale of time travel and telekinesis.

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  1. word!I felt like crying. I might even have a little bit...