Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dream Set-ups

Custom finish on this 24inch Concept Breeze full sus.

'Poor Bradley Wiggins, hope you get better'

I'm all about the custom graffixxxx. Ahh to be young again, such innocent and aesthetically unaware times. Anyone can create their own vision of a dream set up

classic dream set up 125 with the BMX all bungied to the back

It's sweet, the bizzies will never catch me

It is sweet, isn't it?

Fuck it, Martinez and Reynolds get away with it.

Contemplating the roof drop to dream set up landing

Pushing the limits of the dream set up, who needs multi million pound purpose built ramp facilities anyway?

Is it me or are plastic pegs looking more and more disgusting? 7 inch long and 3 wide, not my idea of a dream set up.

Its freshers week, if it rides, they ride it. Everyone has a different view of the dream set up.

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