Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What are you, A Man Or A Mouse?

Another Rainy Day, With Luke and Ryan from Niki King on Vimeo.

Mouse is one of my favorite local riders. He must have been impossibly young when I met him, maybe 11 or 12, he was tiny and looked much younger than he was. Marc Bell and I used to coerce him into riding through deep puddles, into bushes and sometimes into curbs. What role models we were. On one such session Marc got Mouse to ride into this curb repeatedly and flip over the bars into a dense bush. He did it so many times for footage that he broke his Dyno slammer downtube in half. Ooops.
This video made me wish I'd rode in South Shields a bit more often this year. I got in a few wicked sessions in the spring months with the boys but I've barely been down since then.
Nik has been on the scene for years in a relatively quiet capacity but I'm stoked to see him making videos. I have a particular fondness for the extreme fish eye vignetting on this video, it reminds me of early 90s bmx/skate vids, all fisheye, up close and personal with a third of the screen in total blackness, awesome.

Mouse's section in the above Ratty produced Mixellaneous is immense. The double set gap to wallride next to spring's had been sweated but never done by a great many riders. The run up is weird and it took  a huge amount of peer pressure from all present for Mouse to get it done. It's sick to see him fully back into his bike after a few wobbly years.


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