Saturday, 10 December 2011

Run Up To Christmas At Cycle Centre

Winter festival is approaching and that means long days alone building kids bikes in the bowels of the shop. The CD player option shit the bed a while back when it got drilled and had a bike dropped on it, besides Dave's gangster rap CD collection has all but disappeared now leaving only a 90's Misfits album and a copy of Ministry of which I forget the year. Radio1 is the only option with our sophisticated audio set up unless of course you get creative with the aerial enabling radio2 reception and the possibility of winning an unbranded CD wallet in their daily quiz.

Amplification of the smart phone with a plastic cup for an mp3 session is encouraged, hit up a lengthy session of Judas Priest and Peanut Butter Wolf.

Some inexpensive bicycles have come through with some odd component choices, how about Vbrakes and calliper brakes on the front for ultimate braking?

The fantasy of Christmas builds.

The reality of Christmas builds.

Custom bubble wrap knee pads are mandatory for bike location experts.

By the end of the day the bins are full,

The loft stairs are like a mountain to climb, 

But as long as Boosta keeps the biccies and the cuppas coming we're all good.


  1. Sorry to hear about your CD player. Perhaps you can serenade yourselves with this cycling-themed parody of the 12 Days of Christmas?