Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Victorian street riding proved possible.

This is quite interesting to me, I always half thought that it was the bikes of old that restricted what stunts could be done say a hundred years ago. I didn't think a lot of modern tricks could have been pulled on an Amsterdam style cruiser by victorian gentlemen with beards and monacles. I know what is possible today is largely brought about by standing on the shoulders of the previous generation; the younger riders look to the older riders to see what is possible and probably think Van Homan Rides like his criminal mischief part every day, or Dennis Earnason manuals to roof drop tailwhip everyday and kids then try and emulate that every day; this kind of thinking produces higher levels of riding every year. Plus once you've seen what's possible you can emulate it and then build on it. Having said all that I find it amazing to think that todays flip and gap trickery could all have been performed in the days of horse and carts and opium dens. This video has all but proved it. Can you imagine the likes of Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens hitting up the streets and blazing fakie nose wheelies and pedal slides down handrails. It all could have been learned with a cart of hay as a rudimentary foam pit.
I could get a bit extreme sports meets steam punk so I'll stop thinking about this weird urban alternative Victorian culture right now.

Hmm, barspins.

I must clock that feebs to hard 3

ledge tech is for pussies I'm down for that dead man shit.

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