Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sub Box In The Land Of Kings

One foot trapped early on

It was only a flesh wound, 50 meters later and carmine dropped a 100 lbs metal roller on Mundo's foot, ouch.

300 meters later, as if by magic and almost unbelievably, it's in, a totally shreddable sub box.

A combination of Carmine's vision and NSFYC determination made the impossible possible. Live the dream.

Anything can be done if you want it bad enough. When kids see this sub they're going to wig out, it shouldn't have been possible, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and the barrier will still be stuck at the bottom of a field and this afternoon will have all been a dream. I hope not. Long live the sarcophagus sub.


  1. Me dawson & sirm headed through lastnite look like a good standard sub...... we then rode some small light up rails near a care home and ate some ships on a bench facing the dunes of the south..... good nite! canat wait to have a go of that