Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ITS RAINING, more pease pudding and random finds.

This spicy aubergene chutney is the bomb, available from spicy monkey in Low Fell.

1 side chutney, 1 side pease pudding

add tomatoes and kale

add cheddar cheese

Wicked tasting sarnie although the brown bread could have been of a superior quality.

Here's some random street finds from riding around in the last 24 hours:

I found this in Low Fell, it's a polystyrene cup that has been rammed over a spiked fence with the words emblazoned in biro 'fuck you mug'.

It's hard to tell from the photo but this is a frilly pair of girls knickers which have been sealed in a plastic bag and have begun to sweat.

The only piece of BUFF ZINE advertising we ever did, still going strong 8 years on.

A girl came in to the shop with this bike this afternoon, she asked if I could repair the puncture on the spot. I said no and besides the chain was rusted into a solid lump the bottom bracket was falling out and the gearing system was too worn to fit a new chain to. In other words I continued the bike was dead and was not economically viable to repair. The girl wasn't very stoked, as you can well imagine. When I left work the same rusting heap of a bike was left unlocked next to the bike rack beside Jacksons. A shameful dump. I was fairly surprised that it had lasted 3 hours or so, I thought it would have been snapped up for the £1.50 scrap value alone.

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  1. My exact thoughts: 'That sandwich looks amazing, could do with some better bread though'.

    I scrolled down and sure enough, you had correctly identified it's only weakness. Caravan piece was awesome, Pants is some piece of work!