Tuesday 17 July 2012

Grey Haven/T2S Video Premiere

Super short notice for this but James Newrick is premiering his new video Grey Haven at the bike hub on Newcastle Quayside on Thursday night. That's this week Thursday the 19th of July. Cookie's Team2Street video will also be shown, a double premiere if you will.

Newrick has been working on Grey Haven for a few years and it should truly be something special, a documentary of Newcastle life on a BMX in the street.

 The Team Too Street video has been a collaborative effort and represents a life's work for Cookie presented in multi format video from the last decade, numerous trips and scenes and plenty of pegs and rails.

The videos go on at 8.30 try and make it down if you dare and can handle the audio-visual onslaught.


  1. Will Grey Haven be going on the internet or to DVD? Trailer has got me wanting more!!

  2. It'll be on DVD most likely, it'll definitely be on VHS and BETAMAX, a 12" laser disc release with directors commentary and story boards is penciled in for the Autumn, a Philips 2000 version is in the works for the diehard collectors of filth and AV.
    The soundtrack will be available on Vinyl through 'wey aye, ya mad gadgie' records and a commemorative tea set has been commissioned with a top and undisclosed ceramics company.

    As far as the internet goes, It's unlikely. send all enquires to jim at his blog http://greyhaven.tumblr.com/

  3. I heard it was going to be audio book only.