Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jimmy Newrick

Here's a couple of grainy ass images of Jimmy Nezza back in the day sessioning a hip in the super shady prefabricated metal park in Crook. The same park in which Ben Hennon grew up next to and no doubt learnt a shit load of moves. While I broke my chain and smashed my head and elbow into the face of the mini ramp on a icy cold winters day Nezza was killing this hip so I chilled and took some 35mm shots. I was certain I had a good one of Newrick doing a fully clicked turndown over this piece but I must of lost it.

Nezza recently got hooked up on Savakas, they make clothes and shit and they sponsor Tom Blyth. Nezza has an interview about his much laboured and deliberated over video project Grey Haven which is now 2 years plus in the making. You know that shit is going to be tight when you finally get to see it. Read the interview here.

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