Sunday 16 September 2012

Hair of the dog frame promo

I feel like I've been waiting an eternity for a new frame, when Chris got a chance to do a signature frame  I knew I was going to get one, the problem was that I was already sick of my Kink then, just sick of looking at it, there's nothing especially wrong with it, and that was probably a little over a year ago. Getting a frame out is a long process of ideas, design, technical drawing, sticker placement and overseas container ship couriering. As far as I know these frames should be in England now, hence the excitement within me, over a year of needing a new bike is a long time. hopefully I'll have it next week, hopefully. This frame edit features The Count shredding the street in his usually aggressive peg style, big drops, tech grinds and fun times. Filmed and edited by James Newrick.

Spot the flagrant use of pleg in one of the clips and win fuck all.

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