Wednesday, 14 November 2012


 "Not a chance, Megatron!  I won't let you plunder this planet and leave it a lifeless barren rock as you have with countless other worlds.  I'm going to take you down!"

I presume this trailer is for loading vehicles into the container, it reminded me a lot of Optimus Prime, but this was way more grindable.

When I used to clock transformers on a Saturday morning in my youth sitting next to the 3 bar electric heater in just my vest and pants and eating coco-pops, I always wondered what happened to Optimus' trailer when he transformed. It just seemed to shoot off somewhere off camera. I always thought that while Optimus and Megatron grappled it out one of the sneaky Decepticons like Rumble of Lazerbeak would have discovered it and stolen secret autobot technology, blueprints or energon, It really vexed me, I worried for that trailer countless times in those many dangerous warzones.

Now I finally know the truth.

While Optimus was saving the universe his trailer was getting sessioned by Cybertronian skate rats.

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