Monday, 6 May 2013

Real urbaness, riding in a hip hop video.

Hman spent a few days last month filming for this Smoove, Jehst, Micall Parknsun and DJ Jazz T video. The weather was mostly windy and wet and generally pretty grim so inevitably there's a bunch of stuff from 5bridges of various people in various states of urban-ness getting their freestyle freak on. I know this video was in conjunction with Soleheaven, the sneaker place at the Hoults Yard, but I'm not really sure what its all about other than that. I do know Harry Dyson does about a million smith grinds while a free runner leaps about on fire around him at 5Bridges.
The street BMX stuff was all filmed in one afternoon session and features Big Chaffy, Da Roops, The Count and myself.
As its a music video its crazy cut to the tune editing wise but it still seams ok.
I was a fan of Jehst years ago when he had the High Plains drifter album out, but I haven't heard a lot of stuff from him since. Thats probably due to me not putting work in listening to UK Hip Hop.

I used to listen to this Jehst and Task Force and Braintax track on my walkman with a real audio tape while on metros and buses.  I was was still hopelessly out of date with the tape walkman, but the track still must be way old. Strange that I never ever get the metro or bus now, I just ride everywhere. The eradication of public transport from my life is a welcome one, but I'm missing out on that walkman or its modern equivalent musical experience.

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