Friday, 21 June 2013


I think The Roops is a hoarder, he's going to end up like one of those old guys on channel 4 TV programs where they have barricaded themselves into their own houses after a lifetime of collecting newspapers, Weetabix packets and old umbrellas. Rupert cannot throw anything away. I thought I was bad but when I compare myself to he I think I'm doing all right. I got rid of my VHS library, I threw away some old clothes recently and that is pretty much it, but it is a start. I need to thin my bike collection by at least a half and I'd really love to launch all the DVDs and maybes the CDs from the house too, or at least hide them away from view so I can forget about them. I can't see me ever parting with books or records though they're just too good. The thing is with me I never throw anything away but at the same time I don't really collect all that much stuff either. Whereas Rupert on the other hand has some Klepto attack and anxiety about parting with anything of even the most insignificant value or emotional implication, while simultaneously amassing mounds and mounds of stuff.

Take the above calling card which was made to be slipped into peoples back pockets when we were out on the drink almost 10 years ago, how and why does Rupert still have this? It's a funny object I suppose, but why hang on to it? And I'm wondering where he has stored it for so long, and how did he manage to get it from house to house to house without loosing it or getting it wet or just saying 'fuck it' and slinging it in the bin. My mind boggles when thinking of the stuff people cling on to and cart around with them all through life, until they're facing the grave, with heaps of useless shit piled up all around them, stifling and suffocating their very last breaths.

Let it go, take a deep breath, put it down, relax your grip, face the truth, these things surrounding us are no longer important.

Its easy to say, but somethings are just too funny to throw away.

Happy Buff Zine everbody.

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