Tuesday 16 July 2013

28 something jam edit

Mad NSFYC footage in this one, Jordan was killing the street comp for my money, good 5 cab from Dyson and solid Ice from Ell to.

Another good Jam from 28 something.

That long jump shit was just plain ridiculous, I've not been so terrified in ages, it was like a condensed version of the backyard jam Chasm only it got bigger by a foot every time you hit it, like it was on a fault line in an earth quake.

When it was at its biggest the Missus said 'oh you should jump that, you'll easy do it'.
I was like 'yeah easy eh' and shrugged it off like it was nothing because I'm so tuff and manly on the outside, but in my head I was shitting it thinking 'fuck that, I want to live to ride another day, I hope she doesn't want some alpha male show of bravado'.

That long jump shit was massive and the landing was tiny and steep and the take off looked like one of those fiber glass things you buy from toys r us that sends you over the bars in the front street and 10 years later the grainy footage turns up on you've been framed with the date in the corner blurred out and Harry Hill comparing your haircut and outfit unfavourably to a modern soap opera star or faded from glory pop sensation.

In the ever enthusiastic words of Jon Taylor 'it was MENTAL'.

The sticker toss at the end of this edit reminded me so badly of the end scene of crystal maze where you have to frantically scramble for gold tokens with all the other squash playing clerical staff on your team for not just TV glory but also the possibility of winning a day out at Chessington world of adventure.

Great Jam lads, 3 thumbs up.

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