Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Edits, Northeast round up.

I'm so lazy. There's been a bunch of rad local edits out recently and I haven't put any of them up. I suck.

Everyone on the internet re-blogs everything. It's a never ending torrent of recycled material going round and round. I've always tried to keep my blog full of mostly original content but I feel like I need to put up the stuff that is north Eastern and also edited or ridden in by my close friends. Having small parameters means I can keep it controllable and hopefully relevant.

First up is this split edit of The Count and Chicken for the Make. I would say Chris The Count Lee is one of my best friends, I ride his frame, I ride with him every week. I've also known the Make owner Orlando for years, I would say this qualifies for something I would re blog. This edit has got a sludgy and intense feel to it. Not your average edit to advertise a couple of frames. Chicken's stuff is fresh. I thought Chris' stuff was reused from something else but it turns out me and Greaves are morons and had just watched it on someones lap top a few months back. New frame graffix and toptube lengths available now-ish.

Next up is this Youth Crew vid on how to steal, move and reinstall a rail at a better spot. Classic vibes in this one, too many hilarious points to note. If it were me and I was stealing a rail and putting the evidence up on vimeo I might have gone and blurred all the faces out to protect the guilty. The police don't watch vimeo BMX edits, or do they?

Hman has been filming this edit on his DSLR over the summer. Its got a super laid back vibe and friendly summery riding as you would expect from a streetphire edit. I say that, in the 12 maybe years that streetphire has been running I think this is possibly only the third edit put out. I guess you'll have to wait another 6 years for the next one. I helped Hman get back in to the swing of editing in what turned out to be a pretty epic night in front of his lap top. I'm sure he's done a lot more editing than me recently. The last thing I can remember editing was a rough version of my section for NSF3 before I went and got knee surgery. Nevertheless between his input and mine I think this edit ended up being pretty decent. Its also the most footage I've had in anything since maybe as far back as Dry Spell. Who knows.

Last up is this CSL edit from Scott Thompson. Scott has just moved to Gateshead so I imagine I'll see a lot more of him. My riding of late has been isolated in 5bridges and he's been there once or twice on a weekend. Its amazing how much the winter can fuck with my lifestyle. Back to the point this edit is rad, hope to ride with these dudes more.


Full NSF youth crew feature length

Nezzas new vid-super monaco

New T2S production

All coming very soon from the streets of the North East.

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