Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bike Ownership

Have you ever thought about how many bikes you have owned over the course of your life, I just did. The list below is all the bikes I can remember but I kind of feel like there was more. I only included the bikes I actually rode about and loved (or didn't love) and had a relationship with, stuff I acquired and did up and sold on I didn't include.

The bikes I have owned to date are; 

Husky 12inch wheel brand unknown with basket on the front
Raleigh Mini 16inch Burner yellow and blue
Raleigh Mustang 20inch wheel 5 speed first wave of mtbs
Peugeot CPX 100, yellow mags
Raleigh Burner round tubes chrome, black tuff 2s
Raleigh Burner oval tubes chrome, black Araya rims
Diamond Back Silverstreak, gold components, retrospectively fitted gyro
Dyno Comp, Rob Ridge mega brake
PK Ripper, ball burnished loop tail 1982 ish
Dyno Slammer, first bike I owned with a diacomp 990 u brake
Homeless Player, awesome flatland steez
twin top tube Ammaco, no money option after snapping yet another frame
Hoffman Condor, chrome with orange flame graffix, dope
S and M Dirt Bike yellow, sketchy
Redline Freestyler, awful
Mongoose Expert, canti brake lug snapped off and forced me to be brakeless
Hoffman Deebo, continued the brakeless thing, heavy as hell with super forks
WTP KH01, first we the people frame they made
Standard Industries STA, the strongest BMX ever made?
another S and M Dirt Bike, classic (reissue)
S and M LAF, dope new wave thing, the first truly modern BMX
Kink Issue sean sexton, burly in times of weakness
The Make The Count, the ultimate frame with Newcastle livery, repping my boy Chris Lee
Raleigh Stonefly, cookie nearly died riding it down the stairs, rehab knee fitness rides
yellow Chopper copy with radial 20s and extended fork, beach cruising
KHE Cat Weasel russian prototype, good flatlander
GT Peace 29r (chromoly), 2006, first year of production 29rs
Fuji Crosstown, terrible 700c commuter but it became my first fixed gear experiment when it fell apart
Raleigh Record Ace 531c, gold, dope and fast
unknown 531 thing in blue, really nice fixed gear, good tight geometry, un-compliant fork
EAI Bareknuckle, still riding it as my winter bike 6 years on, ultra tight and fiercely responsive track geometry
Peugeot Premiere 53cm, too small for me but a fun fixed gear
Kona Honky Tonk, steel road bike for hill climbing commute when I lived out the back of beyond past Whickham
Scott steel mtb, with Kona project 2 forks
Cube Acid, 26inch wheels, current mtb, 1 by 9 gearing with a chain device for jumping and Shimano br-445s for stopping
Peugeot Premiere 58cm, fixed gear bike path and singletrack slayer
Giant rock rigid 5spd int gear hub 26
Claude Butler Stoneriver, singlespeed rigid aluminium pub bike
1938 BSA 821A, cruiser 3spd sturmey archer, proper vintage chiller

39 Bikes and counting.
1 for every year I've been alive and 5 to spare.

Compared with an estimated billion plus bicycles present in the world at this time this figure of 39 doesn't look that ridiculous. Most of my bikes have been pretty beaten up, or they certainly all end up that way eventually. I was toying with the idea of getting a carbon road bike soon, I'll try and look after it.

STA 2000
BSA 1938
Kink Issue 2011
Giant Rock 2008
Peugeot Premiere 1986

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