Tuesday, 27 May 2014

South Shields, urban centre for drifters and low life's.

Just some sights from my hometown last weekend. Riding feels way more proper in South Shields, I guess its just what I grew up doing and the place has a certain magnetism for my style. Like maybe Shields was the creator and all that I am functions better there. Aint no chance that I'd ever move back though, it doesn't matter how much I miss those boys, theres just nothing going on there other than the riding. For some reason 30 people were out riding South Shields last week, it was like 1985, 1996 or 2001 all over again.

Urm? Why did I get fired again? 

Sticky tape shouts to the boys!

Sandman's hat, it's funny how spots go round and round, we stopped riding these flat rails in 2000 deeming them 'not burly enough', its 2014 and the kids are all over them. 2 inches above peg height is so 2014.

Papa Wu.

Pour a sip on the street for my Fallen Angel. 

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