Thursday, 26 May 2016

In Ikea with Steven

Still only showing the Non Drive Side, what are they hiding, what are they afraid of?

Flame on mother fucker
Randomised mayonnaise production, different flavours, different textures, different shades of white.
They used to have these stores, huge blue stores.
'What the fuck were they like?'
If you imaging the prison, it was kinda like that, only the food in the canteen was of slightly poorer quality and you had to pay for it. There was almost no chance of getting chivved. Unless it was sale day and then your chances were about even.
'How could a store be so bad?'
Well you know the locked broom cupboard on D wing it looked identical to that.
'Like white and cream with mildew in the ceramic flooring cracks, glory holes in every wall, and inflated man hood biro drawings'
yeah real freaky
'I think your freaky and I like you a lot.'

Why would they travel in there droves to listen to a false prophet.
His propaganda was printed and delivered to every home.
The masses were brainwashed, it was inexpensive, it looked awful, it fell apart easily but somehow they thought that was what they needed it.
It completes them.
They knew the price of everything but the value of nothing.
How was everyone brought on side?
How do you influence people on such a massive scale?
The Blue demon, his thin tentacles reaching into the head of his victims, men and women were like malleable clay, their minds squeezed between the fingers of commerce and consumerism
blood drips crimson on the blue and yellow floor
A stressed perineum sat on a see through seventies sex chair in the very damaged section.
'Isn't it all slightly damaged'
This says very damaged fuck face.
My ego was damaged
My dick was soft, very soft, softer than it had ever been.
I noticed a clear fluid leaking from one ear and trickling down my neck.
There was a black coal like substance in the corner of my ocular cavity.
Tanhauser Gate .
Rain fuelled the anger, their minds were contained, fleshy overbite tooth grinder, Asexual platypus in a Toyota Prius.
A labyrinth of soft furnishing with a massively endowed meatball minotaur.
Pin stripped yellow polo.
The biggest woman I have ever seen directs us towards bed linen, but its all soiled, or it will be.
Man date massacre, men with men, men in suppression, eat a fucking kitchen knife cunt.

I took the job where you mop blood up all day, HIV Aids Hep C none of that shit bothers me, what do I have to live for anyway? Gets them tenners in see. I buy as much snout and pot noodles as possible from the tuck shop. All them snacks are mine. They see blood, blank stares, I see red of a different kind, I see a bloated possibility. I see sweetie wrappers and a man in a suit about to accept an award for excellence and we all know he deserves it.
Red, I'm seeing red.
My dick is so soft now, its almost liquid.
Blue, I'm seeing blue.
Step away from your overloaded cart, wave your husband or wife goodbye, pat your kids on the head, leave your car in the multi storey, leave your shoes and car keys on the bridge, walk slowly towards the river and dive down into the black waters.

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