Friday, 25 January 2013

Troy McMurray

Troy McMurray had a massive influence on my riding and he is still a total badass. Back in the 90s he was a man about things and he went big and got creative, there isn't a girls pants wearing, curb nibbling, metrosexual bone in his body. Troy embodies manly BMX burliness on street dirt parks and everything else. I used to have this page of American Ride on my wall when I still lived at my mothers house, I took it with me to many buff house walls, many flats on tyneside and blu tacked it to many  kitchen walls all over the northeast much to many a girlfriends disapproval. I absolutely love this photo and to this day I still can't bare to throw it away even in its dogeared and faded state. The caption reads 'does this look like a calvin klien sponsored rider? Troy McMurray, barspin out of a fakie wall ride'. Troy's in a spot of bother medically with some problems with blood clots, if you can, donate some cash here. It all helps. Get well soon brother.


  1. Just donated..... Hope he gets through it and lives until the end of days!!!!

    I love s&m 4 and still have The vhs! Absolute Classic.

  2. I was gonna post Troy's bmx files section but the tune had been changed from ronnie james dio to some generic metal garbage due to youtube copyright.

  3. That pArk scratchings edit was the same... due to copyright on 2 of the tracks it was not available in some countries and mobile devices. i found a video on YOUTUBE (whistle blower) and it gave you a step by step on how to remove the copyright claim.... It worked a treat! soon i completed it people were able to watch on mobiles!!!!

    I've been messing about with a street edit while the weather is TRASH and that is prob going to be the same copyright wise!!!!

    might start using VIMEO!