Saturday 31 December 2011

Pete Greaves Porta-Rail.

I think Pete must be the only person in the world to get a rail for christmas.

Pete showed up with many lengths of scaffy in the car. He kept producing them like some sort of conjurer.

He also had a plastic bag full of giant grub screws and joints

He bolted that shit together and produced a fairly stable and totally grind-able flat bar that can be assembled in about 3 minutes and can be placed anywhere within short walking distance of the car.

Everyone looked confused and sceptical when Pete showed up with this rail based Lego set but it wasn't long before it got put to good use, even the uber cynical skaters gave it a go. Pete has had this project in the works for a while now finally it's proven and more to the point good fun. Being able to customise spots is going to open some new doors trick wise but costing nearly 200 quid how long will the rail last?

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