Monday 2 January 2012

Bargain Of The Year (only 2 days in).

This was spotted in Cash Converters by Al. What a bargain. This garish pink supermarket bike style bmx had been clashed together and was un-priced. The health of anyone riding this bike would be severely compromised. Imagine a little girl rolling away on this death trap. Neither of the cables are fitted into the levers properly and the levers don't have barrel adjusters rendering proper brake function impossible to attain.

The front loading stem is tightened super unevenly around the bars and the quilled section of the stem is so far higher than the recommended minimum insertion that you can see the wedge.

Now I know that I've worked in various bike shops for 10 years and I can appreciate that those working in cash converters have less experience in bike retail than I, but surely basic common sense dictates that when displaying a badly set up bike in the show room more sales interested would be generated if you first cleaned the lumps of dog shit off the tyres.

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